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The Great Western Tears are a Country band and acoustic duo hailing from Oxford England who subscribe whole heartedly to the Ameripolitan ethos of authentic Roots music.

The song-writing partnership of Dava Waterhouse and Garry Richardson is the foundation of the band with both having a deep running respect and love for old time Country, Blues, folk and late 60’s West coast, matched to lived-in lyricism and expressive acoustic picking. While we believe we can do any of our songs proud with the bare bones of guitar and vocal, Kurt Hamilton’s creative pedal steel playing and Fern Thornton’s vocals add depth and atmosphere to the tales we tell.

Latest press release

The Great Western Tears make country and folk music – the real sort that’s played loud in the bar and felt deep in the bones, the sort that’s played by Old Crow Medicine Show, Steve Earle, First Aid Kit and Willie Nelson. It’s a universal language spoken from Nashville to Stockholm to Oxfordshire to the wilds of Tasmania. The Great Western Tears play it live, even in the studio, and they play it loud and fun and sad in equal measure.

Hailing from Oxfordshire, The Great Western Tears this May formally launch this brand new project with the release of their debut eponymous EP, a set of songs written by frontman David Waterhouse while labouring on farms in the Australian Outback. As befits such far-flung provenance, Waterhouse’s throaty, rich baritone falls somewhere between Johnny Cash and Nick Cave, and the band behind him – Garry Richardson, Kurt Hamilton and Ian Clark – is a rootsy powerhouse drawing as much on the blues and English folk as conventional C&W. It’s impossible to talk about this kind of music without mentioning its first couple, of course, and Waterhouse’s Gram finds its Emmylou in Fern Thornton, whose high, pure harmonies provide a poignant foil to his rumble. For more detail on what inspired each of the four tracks check our discography.

The Great Western Tears are the next generation in the kind of gritty, hard-rocking, full-throated country needed to counteract the Mumford- effect. They are the muscular, edgier flip-side to the more mannered country-folk of the bestselling Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack. The Great Western Tears make music for anyone who loves country and folk music – the real sort, the sort that’s felt in the bones.

These four songs are the first glimpse the wider world will get of a band sure to make waves in the world of roots, country and Americana. Over the next year they’ll be touring hard to bring their distinctive rumble and rock to a wider public in the UK and Europe. Watch this space!

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