‘An oft heard phrase in the islands that refers to the fact that things will happen when they happen, not before or after and hence there is little point worrying otherwise!’

‘An epic song by The Great Western Tears reported to be appearing on their second LP’

This is the true tale of how I met two of the greatest friends of my life on the tiny island of Wayalaila long far ago in the mists of Fiji time.

Plied with an endless supply of peppery brown Kava fuel we laughed and talked our way in to each others hearts, and there we would continue to live, though hemispheres would stand between us in times to come. This is the start of the story that took me to the Great Western Tiers and on to the Great Western Tears and beyond. One of the most influential crossroads of my spirit journey. Enjoy!

Time has come to team back up with master producer Richard Neuberg and begin the second phase of the bands journey in to the mystic.

Garry and Dava will be spending the day at Strawhouse studio on Monday the 14th August recording the acoustic tracks for the next record.

Feverish work continues with the band in preparation for tracking the bigger songs in the autumn. We are a little excited about sharing this set of songs with you all when the time is right, Fiji time that is!