Let it Storm

Harnessing wild folk-rock energy to our distinctive Country Blues foundations – Let it Storm is a powerful statement of intent ahead of the release of our second album Trials of the Apple Isle.

Oxfordshire Music Scene Magazine Review

Following on from the beguiling introspection of ‘Shadowcast’ last spring, The Great Western Tears return with a broader canvas, a bigger sound and a full set of oilskins. The sound of raging seas and creaking beams finds shipmates Dava Waterhouse and Fern Thornton duetting tremulously but resolutely over Garry Richardson’s guitar and Kurt Hamilton’s ominous dobro: “storm clouds may gather ahead, but the rain, it won’t stop me now”. The song builds through an appropriately shanty-like refrain before Ben Heaney’s violin, Ryan Quartermain’s bass and Alex Ogg’s always fine drums usher in the full majesty of the tempest. Après les Great Western Tears, le deluge! You’ll need to lash yourself to the mast before the full force of this roaring folk-rock epic.

And just to emphasise that GWT are the complete package, the accompanying video is equally awesome. In an ingenious dream/fantasy sequence involving a laptop and a wet rope, somnambulant Dava is led through forest to a strange destiny. You’ll laugh, you’ll shed a tear, you’ll be shocked by the big reveal. It’s (sort of) the Video of the Ancient Mariner. Hear the song, watch the film but ideally do both together.

Review by Hugh Garrety – Oxfordshire Music Scene

Nightshift Music Magazine top Tracks of the Year

For all that its accompanying video climaxed with a man fighting a giant flurry shark in a field, Great Western Tears’ single was their best yet, and a pretty dark adventure to boot. A man awakes confused to find a length of sodden ship’s rope in his room, which he follows into the deep, dark woods. The soundtrack to this is a turbulent storm of country blues where singers Dava Waterhouse and Fern Thornton trade verses, sounding like Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra jamming with Shack, Ben Heaney’s malevolently swirling violin ramping up the intensity. An epic piece of music.


Let the storm clouds gather ahead for the rain it won’t stop us now

This week we release the second single from our forthcoming second album. It’s been a big song for us at our shows over the last year and we’re super pleased that people will be able to hear what we’ve done with it in the studio.

As ever working with Richard Neuberg out at Strawhouse studio has been a pleasure and has yielded a recording that really captures the spirit of the lyrics and power of the bands live performance. It’s our first release to feature the new rhythm section of Alex Ogg & Ryan Quarterman and both have also contributed their other talents with the artwork and accompanying video respectively.

The video is released the same day and has already stirred some strong opinion and talking points, all I’ll say is there are plenty of levels going on that you can choose to delve in to or simply tune out and enjoy the spectacle!

Let it Storm is released digitally on November 9th and the video will be available to view on our Youtube channel.

A special launch gig on November the 10th at The Isis Farmhouse Oxford will follow. Entry is free!

Let it Storm. Rain & Lightning can’t spoil May shows!

Let it Storm. Rain & Lightning can’t spoil May shows!

We have just enjoyed a couple of super fun shows in Oxford showcasing some new material and revelling in the buzz of playing live together again!

The inaugural Day of the Deadbeats festival at the Isis farmhouse was surely more than hosts, headliners and album launching heroes The Deadbeat Apostles could have hoped for.

Some heavy May showers brought an eager audience closer to the action and we felt a great rapport with those crammed in front of us as we ran through a set featuring tracks from our upcoming album Trials of the apple isle & brand new songs rustled up in the last couple of months.

The Uncommon stage at Common people festival in South park offered up a cavernous big top that seemed to fill up before our eyes as we blasted through the same set on a Lightning lit Bank holiday Sunday.

The stage sound was so throbbing and omnipresent Dava couldn’t hear a note he was blowing on the harmonica and ceded his solo on Fiji time safe in the knowledge that Ben would reach dizzy heights on his electric Fender violin! Check it out in the video below and then watch the show finale double header of DeadWeight & Let it Storm.

Let it storm is being readied now as our next single release. You can next catch us on August 25th at Towersey Folk Festival. Till then.

New single “Shadow Cast” released

Shadow Cast is the first song from our currently in production second LP and is complemented by our debut music video!

Created by our multi-talented bassist Ryan Quarterman and aided by the equally multi-talented Martin Child of Oxford super band the August List, it brings to life the emotional resonance of a song that charts the aftermath of the death of a true friend.

While one song cannot hope to capture the depth of feeling that is being experienced by all those affected it was for me both cathartic and healing to co-write this song.

Garry had come to visit at the cottage we were living in last spring and during the course of the evening played a beautifully shaped and crafted piece of music on the resonator guitar that immediately put me in the mind and heart space to contribute lyrics.

His refrain ‘Just another rolling stone’ had multiple meanings for me in that moment and it was a case of sitting down and quickly writing how I felt while listening to him play it over a few times. The ‘chorus’ lyrics took a few more days of dropping into thought as I knew it had to really define the song.

When we laid it down as a guitar and vocal in the studio we had a few ideas about how the arrangement & instrumentation might develop but it sounded so complete that we added only the beautiful soaring swell of Ben’s violin and Richard’s harmonium chords.

So Shadow Cast is the first chapter of the bands next musical journey, a journey we look forward to sharing with you over the coming months on stage and on record!

Shadow Cast is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Rdio, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube, Microsoft Groove, MediaNet…