Country 2 Country

We are pleased to announce we’ll be playing on The Pop Up Stages of this years Country2Country festival at The O2 Arena in London over the wk end of March 11/12. It’s gonna be a great opportunity to reach some new fans and catch up with what else is happening for up and coming UK Country artists. The Fringe shows are free and don’t require a ticket so head down and have a gander.

Locally we are playing a couple of band shows in February. The Jericho Tavern on the 12th with The Long Insiders and The Bullingdon on the 26th with Boat To Row on their UK Tour. Head over to the Facebook page for more details and regular updates.

Here’s the C2C pop up line up for ya..


Workin’ on a dream

So a new year has dawned, downing pints temporarily scorned and family heirlooms are set to be pawned as we contemplate how to bring to life our Album in waiting ‘Tales from Tallow’s’ in the near and beginning to clear future.

Springsteen sang about workin’ on a dream and it’s no lie we’ve been workin’ on ours for some time now, many hours and wedge have been spent and though hell bent on releasing this LP the money has run to a trickle and we are in the throes of woe and wonder as to how plunder enough to bring it all to light.

Look out for some kind of crowdfund/ kickstart/ plea from the heart propaganda to land at yer feet and fingers soon.

Wishing you the best for the year and look forward to singing and playing to as many of you as we can..

The Great Western Tears.


She lived down by the waterside
Where the rivulet and the ocean collide
It’s a long way to the nearest bar
Without the guiding light of the moon and stars

The nights are so misty
And she wishes he was there
She’d ask for forgiveness but she can’t find the words..

In the Marin hills he’s sleeping out
In his waking hours struck with doubt
It’s a long ride south to Bixby bridge
From this hovel high on Tamalpais ridge

The nights are so misty
And he wishes he was there
He’d ask for forgiveness but he can’t find the words..

And it’s deep in the night
The will to make up
The will for flight
Wait for light

Everything’s misty, those last days a blur
I’d ask for forgiveness but i can’t find the words
Ride down and see me when the sun warms the road
I’ll ride down to Bixby, to the only woman I really know..

It’s so dark down here
Beneath the bridge
By the sea, tonight.