First review of EP and latest couch session

It’s a good start to the day when you read a review like the one David Kidman wrote about us for Fatea Magazine, my favourite quote has to be ‘Powerful, gritty and yet understated and refreshingly unmannered, and it gets right into the listener’s psyche almost without trying’. You can read the rest of the review on the Fatea Magazine Website.

Also there was the next instalment of our couch session, where we played ‘Long Black Veil’ by Johnny Cash.

Our Oxford Couch Session

We had an enjoyable albeit slightly chilly morning filming in the Jericho Tavern on Sunday for The Oxford Couch Sessions. It was a good opportunity for us to get some high quality acoustic performance videos for all of our EP tracks. Speaking of the EP it’s Out on May the 1st digitally across the wide world and we seem to be gathering some interest behind the scenes in anticipation of it’s release. Look out for those videos coming over the hill before too long and catch you soon.

EP Release 1st May & Gigging

Greetings from an overcast and windy Oxford. Spring is creeping on and summer is farther on up the road. We have set a May 1st release date for the EP. It seems like the perfect day to launch a new band that is tied to the land. On May 2nd we are heading back in to Strawhouse studios to start album tracking, so the wheel keeps turning.

It was grand to play our first gig last week at The Library Bar with My Crooked Teeth and Julia Meijer, the audience were attentive and we were glad to stretch our legs, fingers and voices in public at last! With the EP ready and imminent we will be looking to get out playing more and more so keep ’em pinned for more gig news.

Welcome from the Great Western Tears

My year began in a dim basement room on Australia’s Great Ocean Road, 2 stroke smoke fumes choking me awake as an inebriated friend attempted to win a quick 100 dollars by kick-starting his two dirt bikes barefoot. The Kawasaki turned over but the Yamaha backfired and cut a deep gash in the base of his foot. I spent the first morning of 2014 picking him up from the medical centre in Torquay. That’s how a Hillbilly gets the year started and there was plenty more action to come.
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